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Jeanne Bowerman, unhappy with her career, decided to make a mid-life change and officially titled herself, Writer. While writing had been a hobby of hers, Jeanne recognized her passion for it and without a formal education in writing, taught herself the ins and outs of screenwriting. After only one year of making this decision, Jeanne hosts a popular Twitter group called Scriptchat, has recently taught her first screenwriting class, and is currently shopping her most recent screenplay that she co-wrote with Douglas A. Blackmon based on his Pulitzer Prize winning book, “Slavery by Another Name.” She’s come a long way from reading “Screenwriting for Dummies.” In this second part of an interview with Jeanne Bowerman, she talks about her screenwriting experiences, writing partners, and getting help when you need it.

TM: How many scripts have you written?
JB: I am on my fourth right now, and I’ve had four different writing partners. One person, I wrote two with. I wrote “Slavery” with Doug Blackmon, and one writing partner we ended up not actually writing a single word together because all he wanted to do was talk about the marketing of it and selling it. I kept saying to him, there’s nothing to sell. We have to write it. So we went our separate ways. And now I’m writing with my teenage daughter. It’s like a “Little Miss Sunshine” kind of comedy. I’m really proud of the writing and after the subject of ”Slavery,” I wanted to follow that heaviness with something light and comedic so I can show my range.

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