the freelance advantage

Why hire a freelance writer?

Would you rather spend your weekend going to the office to finish that report or shooting 18 holes on the green with the sun warming your back? Does your idea of getting a tan mean soaking up the rays from your computer screen?

With cutbacks and downsizing, fewer people are doing more work. Stress and employee burnout can cause absenteeism, illness, and high turnover.

If you are looking to save time and money, elevate your company’s image, increase efficiency, and avoid employee burnout, consider adding a freelance writer to your project.

Some of the benefits of working with a professional writer include:

  • Lower overhead–no salaries, benefits, vacation or sick leave
  • Reduced costs–get the work you need when you need it
  • More time for you and your staff to spend on decision-making
  • Individual attention on individual projects
  • Filling sporadic staffing needs on one-time tasks
  • Giving your product or service the attention and eloquence it deserves
  • Fresh perspective and enthusiasm


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